Blanca Gutiérrez

Blanca Gutiérrez


Tell us about yourself and your blog?
There is a motto that I live by whenever I feel the need to blog about anything and that is, “aspire to inspire.” I strive to motivate, influence, and inspire people to go out and explore their surroundings. I am a free-spirited collector of moments who is always seeking for a new adventure; a wanderess, always going out, being spontaneous, and exploring. My goal is to encourage individuals to get to know their city more, appreciate it, and cherish it through an every day representation of lifestyle. Whether it’s at a local coffee shop or local botanical garden. There is always something new to discover every day. I also do set design and visual merchandising. Design has always been at heart.

What has been one of the biggest challenges in life?
Throughout my senior year of high school, my father was in a coma. It wasn’t easy for my mother. I basically became an “at-home” mother while my mother spent days taking care of my father at the hospital. Being an AP student, taking honor courses, playing sports, performing at choir concerts, and applying for colleges and scholarships, this all felt like a challenge for me. That experience shaped me into who I am today. In life we face challenges in order to grow. Those challenges help us realize right from wrong, develop our character, and allow us to talk to others who go through similar situations that we’ve experienced. I don’t ever wish this experience on anybody, but I do tend to look at the good in every difficulty. Every thing has a reason to it.

How many brothers and sisters do you have?
I have four brothers and one sister. I am indeed the oldest! I live to lead and be a great example to them by constantly reminding them to go after what makes them happy in life.

Describe how you first got into blogging.
About a year ago. I felt inspired to go out, to dedicate time for myself after a relationship breakup. We don’t realize how much time we must invest in ourselves until we actually do it. Sometimes we get caught up with things in life that we forget to think about ourselves. I felt inspired to go out and make the best of my everyday-lifestyle by finding things that I could bring to the crowd in order for them to feel motivated, to capture great moments and invest in themselves. My feed ranges from vanity (because obviously I’m a girl), my skin care routines, brands I do collaborations with, coffee shops, sunsets, palm trees, eateries and restaurants, museums, art, botanical gardens, photo shoots, poems, places to explore and all of the other things I love. However, I do remind myself to keep it at a colorful theme.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?
Consistency, staying focused, driven, passion, networking, engaging with followers, innovation, time, self-motivation, and lots of dedication.  Blogging isn’t easy. It takes passion and lots of time for one to love what they do. I enjoy going out, capturing my every day moments, and showing individuals what there is out there to see. I love engaging with my followers when they ask of a place on my feed; I strive to motivate them to check the place out, that way they gain the full on experience of the setting. Life is too short to take for granted.

Do you remember the moment you felt this was something you wanted to turn into a career?
INDEED! As I noticed my engagement with followers increasing, and the various amount of connections I started to make along the way. I realized, if people are reaching out to me about my posts, why not make something big out of it? Something that will inspire a more bigger crowd?

What would you like to achieve the most through blogging and visual communication?
My main goal is to inspire individuals to always follow their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. Pictures can be interpreted in many different ways. Through visual communication. I aspire to learn more about the different forms of media and how to apply them effectively to convey positive messages through my posts.

What do you like to do on your free time?
I love to sit back at a coffee shop and read a book, catch up on emails, or even go out to a local music show with friends. I’m always trying to find something to do. I tend to take advantage of my free time by going out thrifting and exploring new spots around my area. By far, my favorite go-to thrift shops are “The End” and “Hoof and Horn” up in Joshua Tree. There’s never a boring time for me. Plus, yolo, as dumb as it sounds, you only live once, like Julian Casablancas said, so why not make the best of it?

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