Poets&Provocateurs Book No1

Poets & Provocateurs Anthology Nº1 is a commemorative coffee table book with 116 pages of photography, poetry and art. Featuring artists from the Coachella Valley and beyond — documented during a monthly open mic series from 2016-2017. Presented by Coachella Magazine, hosted by RowLow and held at Gré Coffeehouse & Art Gallery. Available December 15, 2017.


  • Publisher Coachella Magazine
  • Introduction by RowLow
  • Pages 116 (Poetry, Photography, Art)
  • Standard Landscape (10×8 in., 25×20 cm)
  • Paper standard 80# (Text, Semi-Matte)
  • Hardcover ImageWrap with a matte finish
  • Includes limited edition bookmark
  • Price $98
  • Available December 15, 2017
    Gré Coffeehouse & Art Gallery
    278 North Palm Canyon Suite C, Palm Springs, California 92262

At the end of our lives, we will all exclusively be remembered by how others felt in our presence. We can only aim to set the best vibe that we can. Poets & Provocateurs, at it’s inception, was an experiment in the art of experience. We weren’t sure how people were going to respond to this platform, but let me just say, we were definitely pleasantly surprised. The midcentury inspired Gré Coffeehouse & Art Gallery was gracious enough to let us host this event at their brand new location in Downtown Palm Springs. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a vinyl beatnik twist from the past. Being someone who fancies himself “from the future,” it’s been a very fitting convergence of temporal identity and an honor to be able to host this one of a kind epoch within the greater history of the Coachella Valley.

— RowLow

Special Thanks to everyone who came out to perform, submit work and support the project.
A. Lara
Arturo Castellanos Jr.
Rahsaan Diaz
B-Fire For Sheezy
Boogie Zack No Slack
The BrosQuitos
Calico Wonderstone
Charlie Carrero
Cody G
Mark Anthony Avila (SmokieDaBandit)
Jones Osmosis
Oddly Pro
Turn Away
Judith Altschule-Lieber
Kamo Lowko
Ilene Torres Smells
Cody James
Razor J
Mary Janledoy
Evelyn Chaclan
Kerin Hebb
Kazi Sadiq
Black Dineros
Erika Castellanos
Lxs Lunas
Obinne (Oh-Ba-Nay)
Marco Thomas
Mr. Rod
Courtney Rae
Josh Mathews
Kaarin Elizabeth
Jeremy Tolbert
Marie Florencie
Maddy Ebersole
Lee Lockhart
Linb Manuel Miranda
Leah Phillips
Jev Pic
Mackenzie Tucker
Jeremy M Brownlowe
Windy Chisem
Wine Heart
Marlow Coffin
Victoria Newbill
Alex Jackson
Tom Buck
Joe Pasquale
David Anthony
Hello Existence (CJ Sanchez)
Zayla Castillo
Patience Thomas
Tysen Knight
Debra Blaine
James Velasquez
Tyler Allred
HOAGIE (Head Of A Gun In Exsistence)
Erick Estrada
Andrew Russell (Merda)
Wes Salacup (Merda)
Andreas Lejas
Vincent Wells
Adan Trujillo
Row Low

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