A budding business out of Idyllwild, CA, PUR Cold-Pressed is a boutique juicery focused on providing small, hand-crafted batches of raw, organic juices to the Coachella Valley. Partners Noelle Coley and Shon Hartman started pressing juices for the masses only a little over six months ago in their beautiful Idyllwild home. After Noelle’s success in founding the first cold-pressed juice company in west Texas in 2012, which she recently sold, she decided to venture out to SoCal last November. With Shon sharing her belief that our Desert needed its own cold-pressed juice, Noelle decided to bring her product to the area, thus creating PUR.

Pressing their creation in their own home kitchen, Noelle and Shon perfected their recipe before sharing the results with the Coachella Valley, and the response showed that we were indeed interested. Orders came piling in, so in order to meet the demand, the partners worked out a commissary agreement up in the Idyllwild hills. However, the temporary spot would not suffice. Once the brand took off, the partners decided to set up permanently in Palm Springs and secure a large space to produce and distribute their juices. With the new spot up and running on October 1st, Noelle and Shon are eager to meet the demand of the growing business. Finalizing a permanent location solidifies PUR’s new home in the Desert, and they are very excited.

There are many ways to make juices, but the cold-pressed process is a special one, and PUR has perfected it. When it comes to fresh pressed juice, their raw cold-pressed creation is top of the line. The company strives to inform the consumer in order for them to understand why their premium juice is making a splash in the health community.

Cold-pressed juice is made through the use of exceptionally designed machines to crush plant cells in order to preserve the nutrients of the produce slowly without heating or destroying the molecular structure of the cells. As a result, five times the nutrition is maintained, leaving the juice a lot smoother, richer in taste, and pulp-free.

PUR juices are a healthy, fresh alternative to current existing options, and they consist of a unique mixture of veggies, creating stunningly vibrant shades of green, red, and orange – beauty missing in most cold-pressed juices. The company also offers nutmilks and carries a delicious chia line, striving to source as many local ingredients as possible for all of their products through building relationships with local farms and suppliers.

What sets PUR apart from other companies most of all is their cleanse and detox programs they offer. Their cleanses gently rid the body of impurities, enabling the consumer to regain balance and normalize digestion and metabolism. The nutrients trigger cleansing through the liver, kidneys, and skin, resulting in a difference in energy levels, quality of sleep, and general well-being.


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