Volume2 Issue5

Coachella Magazine
In Vol. 2, Issue No. 5, we discover how Chris Pardo’s architectural vision is changing the face of Downtown Palm Springs. We get to meet Mike Miller, the photographer behind some of Tupac’s most iconic images, Iota Haus by siblings Isauro and Silvia Meza, LuckyBastardCo. founder Chad Lieske, desert wanderess and blogger Blanca Gutierrez, Freddy Jimenez, experimental art with Desert X, Anta52, the working class aesthetic of Eduardo Valadez Arenas, Clara López, retro-pop band The Flusters, Desert Trip, Sharon Ryder and more. As a bonus, a new section titled “Talk about it!” by Rowland Akinduro who in this issue, covers Contact In the Desert to explore the mysterious world of UFO sightings, crop circles, the secret space program and beyond. Where the trials, tribulations and triumphs of artists come together, without borders or boundaries, we are pleased to present our synesthesia issue.

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